Frequently Asked Questions

    iOS and Android FAQs

    This FAQ is written specifically for the Dark Horse Digital web reader. The following links will bring you to our Frequently Asked Questions pages for our iOS and Android apps.

    What's the latest news from Dark Horse?

    Can I send digital comics as a gift?

    Yes, you can now purchase gift codes that your friends and enemies can redeem! When you find that super cool book you want to share with the world, hit the “buy as gift” button and check out. You will then be given a redemption code that you can send out to a lucky recipient.

    What happened to Buffy, Conan, or The Goon comics?

    It is true that these licenses have moved away from Dark Horse at the end of 2018. With regards to previously purchased DH digital titles, all purchased titles residing in your account on Dark Horse Digital will remain in your account’s cloud-based collection. So, while these titles are no longer purchasable from the storefront, they will remain viewable and readable in your account.

    DARK HORSE IOS 2.0 LAUNCH (08 November 2016)

    The new Dark Horse app is here, rebuilt from the ground up! With improved performance, a new look & feel and loads of new features to help you discover and enjoy Dark Horse comics!

    * Save money with comic bundles!

    * Get notified about sales and DH news!

    * Cool new options for customizing your reading experience!

    * More ways to sort & filter your collection!

    * Expanded social media features. Share your favorite panel with friends!

    * Enhanced store experience, including recommendations of other comics you might like.

    * Improved support for retina devices!

    Please see our separate iOS FAQ for more info!

    I don't have an iPad/iPhone/iPod or Android device. Can I still use your service?

    You can read comics right from the Digital Store with your desktop computer, laptop, or smart-phone mobile browser. If you don't yet have an account on this website, please create an account to start reading digital comics now.

    Where can I read my digital comics?

    Just about anywhere. Once your account has been created, you can access your purchases from any modern web browser, including mobile-device browsers, as well as from the Dark Horse Bookshelf app. While the web-based reader DOES work on cellular networks, it is quite bandwidth-intensive so we recommend using WiFi whenever possible.

    If you have an iOS or Android device, please download the appropriate app. Once your books are downloaded in the Dark Horse Bookshelf app, you can take them with you anywhere and read offline.

    How do I read my comics online?

    Go to "My Collection" and select the "Read Now" button below the book. Tap, swipe, or click on the right side of the screen to advance forward, and on the left to go back. With a single tap (or mouse click) in the center of the page, you can access the Settings bar. Press "<shift>-p" to read comics in Panel Zoom mode, and "<shift>-h" to display the online help.

    Can I pre-order comics?

    Yes! You can find comics available for pre-order on the home page in the section titled "UPCOMING RELEASES." When we are able to offer pre-orders on upcoming comics you can reserve your copy simply by clicking the price button marked "pre-order." To pre-order you must have a DH Digital account set up and a credit card on file. On the day the comic goes on sale your card will be automatically charged and the comic will appear in your bookshelf. Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time prior to the date the pre-ordered product becomes available. By placing a pre-order, you agree that Dark Horse may charge your credit card on file when the products you have pre-ordered become available. Pre-ordered products are subject to all terms of service described in the general Terms of Service.

    What are the requirements for the web reader?

    The in-browser comic reader requires the use of a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled. We recommend one of the following browsers: Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), or Safari (latest).

    While we are making our best effort to improve the performance of the web reader in older browsers, some are just not up to the task. You may encounter reduced performance if you're not using the latest version of your browser or if you're on an older device.

    How do I use the site with NoScript?

    The firefox plugin NoScript can add an extra layer of security to your web browser, but it can also make it difficult to use JavaScript-enabled sites such as this. Follow these steps to have the best *and* most secure experience with our site:

    • Add the following addresses to your whitelist (NoScript Options | Whitelist):
      • (optional)
      (The cloudfront domains are used only by, so it is safe to include them in your whitelist)
    • Add the following text to your ABE rulset (NoScript Options | Advanced | ABE):
      Accept from SELF++
      Accept from
      Accept from 
      Accept from 
      Accept from 

    Where do I get the latest DH Digital news?

    The Dark Horse Digital newsletter will keep you in the know about new releases, as well as special promotions and contests, plus give you access to insider info and a whole lot more! Just click here to subscribe or manage your existing subscription.

    Are Dark Horse Digital comics available on any other platforms?

    Yes! Dark Horse digital comics and graphic novels can be found on iBooks, ComiXology, Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Google Play, Kobo and elsewhere.

    Do I own the digital comic I purchased?

    You do not. As with Amazon, Nook, and other e-book companies, you don’t own the book you buy. You are licensing the right to read the book on supported and authorized devices.

    Why is (insert favorite comic) not available?

    While we launched with hundreds of comics, obviously that's not every comic DH has ever published. We plan to add all titles, including our entire backlist, to the Digital Store. It just takes time.

    Where can I buy print comics?

    You can browse titles on the main Dark Horse website, and purchase through our sister company, Things From Another World. The Dark Horse Comics corporate website also has other purchasing options.

    Do you accept art/writing submissions?

    Yes we do. Click here for more information.

    How do I redeem store credit?

    If you have a code for a free comic or an exclusive item, click here to go to the code redemption code page, where you can plug in your code and apply it your account directly. To redeem store credit, simply add one or more items to your shopping cart in the webstore. When you get to the first step of the Checkout process, you will be prompted to apply any store credit that exists in your account.

    If your store credit is at least as large as your shopping cart, no credit card is required.

    If your store credit is insufficient to cover the total cost, you will be prompted to use or enter a credit card on the next step of Checkout to cover the balance.

    How do I change my account information?

    From any area of the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "My Account". You will see options to edit your user name, email address, change your password, edit newsletter subscriptions, edit on file credit card information, manage pre-orders, and view your purchase history.

    What's with these Dynamite comics I'm seeing?

    On April 24th, 2013, Dark Horse announced a partnership with Dynamite Entertainment. Great Dynamite titles such as The Green Hornet, The Shadow, and Vampirella are now available through Dark Horse Digital.

    I purchased some Dynamite comics on Comixology. Can I get credit for them in the Dark Horse app/website?

    Unfortunately, no. Purchases from Comixology are not transferable to Dark Horse Digital.

    What's with Dark Horse and Plants vs. Zombies?

    Dark Horse has teamed up with PopCap Games to offer the first ever Plants vs. Zombies comic book series. Comics are available in all the usual Dark Horse venues, as well as in our exclusive Plants vs. Zombies app. Download it today from the iTunes store!

    Do my purchases in the Plants vs. Zombies transfer to the main Dark Horse app?

    Yes, and vice versa.