• #3-#4 Bundle

  • This bundle contains Emily the Strange #3: The Dark Issue and Emily the Strange #4: The Rock Issue.

    Emily the Strange #3: The Dark Issue:Emily ushers readers through forty-seven pages of weird, kooky, and hilarious stories all focused on the dark.

    To most people, journeying to "the dark side" might seem like a bad thing. Butto Emily, the dark side is the perfect place to go on all sorts of wildadventures with her posse of black kitties. Join Emily, Mystery, Sabbath, NeeChee, and Miles as they journey to the dark side of the moon, meet photogenicmonsters in the dark room, and explain exactly why there are some very goodreasons to be afraid of the dark!

    • Don't miss out on Emily's exclusive interview with goth-rock superstarMarilyn Manson!

    Emily the Strange #4: The Rock Issue:For those about to rock…here's the comic book you'll need when you getthere! Rob Reger and Buzz Parker (the creative monsterminds behind Emily theStrange!) turn it up to eleven on Emily the Strange: The Rock Issue. JoinEmily as she journeys through the "herstory" of rock, stage dives, lights herguitar on fire, plays piano with her teeth, spends an afternoon in TrafficSchool with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs…and that's just thebeginning!

    Rock out with Emily the Strange and get your hands on one of the strangest,funniest, and most unique comics available today. This issue features forty-eight pages of short stories, art freak-outs, interviews, and more.