• #1-4 Bundle

  • They transformed her into a monster killer, but she was already something else!

    Forty years ago, England’s greatest adventurers cast aside their friendship,making a choice that would come to haunt humanity. Now, secret agent MatildaFinn will face the consequences of that choice as she aids in a frantic rescueoperation at Scotland’s Loch Ness, where something terrible is waiting to drawher into the fight of her life!

    Drew Johnson (Wonder Woman) brings his first creator-owned series to Dark Horse!

    Praise for Drew Edward Johnson:

    “Drew Johnson has drawn a beautifully elucidated world . . . The word‘impeccable’ comes to mind.”—Walter Simonson

    "Drew's work always takes me by surprise—not because it isn't always strikingand beautiful, darker and more intensely fluid (how else to describe it?), butbecause it gets better and better as you get further into the tale.” —Dan Brereton