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  • Tomb Raider Issues #7 - #12 Bundle

  • This Bundle contains Tomb Raider issues #7 - #12.

    A new story starts here, cowritten by Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett!

    Lara Croft attempts to honor the past but is dragged into a dangerous new journey. A creepy amusement park and a mysterious woman with a personal connection to the terrifying events of Yamatai Island throw Lara’s world into peril once again!

    The first issue of an all new Tomb Raider arc!

    The events of the comic will lead into the Tomb Raider sequel!

    “If you’re not already reading this new ongoing series from Dark Horse… then definitely hop on for an exciting, smart adventure with a young Lara Croft.”—Geeks of Doom