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  • #1-#3 Bundle

  • Two survivors of a global catastrophe disguise themselves as corpses tosurvive in a land of the walking dead.

    From the mind of Mike Richardson (The Mask, The Secret) comes thishilariously frightening tale of Straw and Whip, two slackers who have livedthrough a plague that's left the world with seven billion brain-hungryzombies. Life is tough as they try to keep up the appearance of being like therest of the decomposing masses, and things heat up when a damsel in distressneeds their help. Will they blow their cover for a beautiful young girl orsacrifice her in the name of rock and roll?

    • Be sure to catch this three-issue series with art by Ben Stenbeck andcovers by the legendary Richard Corben, making zombies fun again.

    Two boys, a girl, and seven billion living dead.