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  • Issue #139-#144 Bundle

  • Inspector Ishida makes his long-awaited return in this classic-style whodunit!

    Ishida and the rabbit ronin are escorting a killer to trial when a storm forces them to take refuge at a roadside inn. The inn's other guests include a court noble and his entourage, a paper merchant and his daughter, and a quiet samurai, all driven there by the rains. When one of them is murdered during the night, it's up to Inspector Ishida and Usagi to solve the mystery.

    • Fan-favorite character Inspector Ishida returns in a new, two-part mystery!

    • "Sakai's art has never looked better, and the stories offer almost universal appeal and even the occasional history lesson."—Comic Book Resources's Top 100 Comics of 2010 list

    This bundle contains issues #139-144 of Usagi Yojimbo.