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  • Volumes 1-4 + Hypernotes Bundle

  • World War III is over, and nomad soldier Deunan Knute and her cyborg partner Briareos struggle to survive in the abandoned cities and demilitarized zones of the postwar wasteland, the "Badside." Matters appear on the upswing, however, when they are found and brought to Olympus, an urban utopia and centerpiece for the reconstruction of civilization. Deunan and Bri join the Olympus police, a force that seems hardly necessary in such a paradise. But, like in most pretty pictures, perfection is an illusion, and Olympus's peaceful façade hides a dark secret, a violent struggle between human and cyborg that could once again plunge the world into war…and genocide.

    • Masamune Shirow is well known and critically acclaimed internationally, and is responsible for numerous classic anime and manga titles, such as Appleseed, Dominion, Ghost in the Shell, Orion, and Black Magic.

    • Right-to-left reading format, as originally published in Japan.

    • A New York Times best-selling series!

    • This bundle contains volumes 1 through 4 in addition to Appleseed: Hypernotes!.