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  • Volume 1 #13-#18 Bundle

  • Stan Sakai’s original series starring the rabbit ronin is available online for the first time as part of Dark Horse’s complete digital presentation of Usagi Yojimbo!

    Sakai creates his longest epic yet in “The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy,” a tale of intrigue uniting the rabbit ronin with nearly the entire cast! An ally of the Dark Lord has begun raising an army of mercenaries, and a friend of Usagi’s learns of a plan to amass enough guns and powder to challenge the Shogun himself. As conspiracies and counterconspiracies are revealed, Usagi must join with friends and enemies alike to prevent the nation from falling into civil war!

    • This bundle includes the complete six-part “Dragon Bellow Conspiracy” epic!

    • The biggest Usagi story to date, this tale brings together nearly every important character from the series so far!

    “Rendered with a grace that verges on the miraculous, Usagi Yojimbo is a delicate echo of a Japan that is vanishing forever.”—Alejandro Jodorowsky