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  • To say that Cal's been through hell and back would be a misstatement. He'sbeen to hell, all right, and he seems to be stuck there for good. When we lastchecked in on Cal, he and Mo'Lock had just witnessed the vile, horrifyingtransformation of Cal's lovely ex, Sabrina Lynch, into a minion of the vampireNosferatu. After that Cal disappeared for a bit, and at the start of our newseries, Mo'Lock finds him just in time to lure him off the filthy couch in anabandoned house with an offer he can't refuse—either he gets up and takes anew case, or Mo'Lock will kill him before the drugs can. And what a case itis. Devil worshipers in sunny SoCal are doing their best to bring Satan intothe world, and by the looks of things, Cal's already too late. What does onefeed a bouncing baby Beelzebub, anyway?