Creepy Archives Volume 29
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Creepy Archives Volume 29

From 1964 to 1983, Creepy magazine set the standard for horror in graphic fiction. Now, Dark Horse Books finishes the complete collection of the greatest horror publication in comics history with this final fear-filled volume. Featuring the work of Roger McKenzie, Alex Nino, Don McGregor, Victor de la Fuente and many more, and with hair-raising tales of bloodthirsty vampires, ruthless graverobbers, invisible men, alien creatures, and homicidal maniacs, these are still the comics that give you the creeps! Collects Creepy #140–#145.

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Release date: Aug. 7, 2019
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Creepy
Pages: 249
Ages: 16+
Dark Horse Comics
Horror, Science-Fiction
Release date:
Aug. 7, 2019