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Ravenous zombies have beset the ruined town of Desolation, and resident sharpshooter Luke has grown desperate. Her only hope is to track down and enlist the help of a gunman legendary in the western wasteland, a man known only as Lone. But even if she can find him, can she trust him? After fighting off the radiation-twisted mutants for weeks on end, Luke is ready for to take her chances.

Collecting the six-issue miniseries featuring the rich storytelling of Stuart Moore, the stunning and imaginative art of Russ Manning Award winner Jerome Opeña, and a short story with Sam and Twitch artist Alberto Ponticelli, Lone is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested, mutant-laden, robot-packed, radioactive free-for-all. The West just got a little weirder . . .

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Release date: Jan. 23, 2013
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Lone
Pages: 153
Ages: 12+
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Horror, Science-Fiction
Release date:
Jan. 23, 2013